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Welcome is a sister firm of that provides SOA architecture of Computing to Schools, Business Firms, Hotels and Private Firms. It provides virtual application to the clients, so that they can use the applications without having to pay for them. The application is hosted in a central location which is accessed by individual clients at their convenient time and convenient location. The application can be accessed 24X7 and at convenience.The company is result focused, with an entrepreneurial but accountable streak and a fierce determination in pursuing goals. Cloudnepal promotes an environment of trust and openness, characterized by fairness in dealing with each other and our partners. Above all, Cloudnepal values individuality, for it is this diversity that will propel true world class growth. The open door, easy access policy starts from the top and breaks all communication barriers. Something on your mind? Any Cloudnepal executive at any level, anywhere in the world, can write in to the management and receive a reply within 24 hours.

Mission   Vision missions to develop and provide Applications as Services to organizations with continuous improvement and leverage the usage of the same with minimum cost and highest benefit. with visions to be Customer Focused and Integrated to bring Applications development and usage as service.

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